Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Garden Show-Off

I was given a new camera lens as a Mother's Day/early birthday gift (thanks, Dad!). It's a 50mm F1.8 lens which I wanted for low light use. It also helps me create some superior flower shots. (For Dad's info the first picture was taken at F1.8 1/1600 ISO 400).

I think there's something about each season that I appreciate, but I especially like when my garden starts blooming its colors. I was especially especially excited to discover a new brilliant color of iris: violet. I currently have yellow and mauve irises. I noticed two new plants growing which I had assumed were rhizomes that dropped from last year's thinning. (Iris are a wonderful hearty plant. The tubers spread so thinning is necessary every few years.) Much to my surprise they are this lovely shade of deep violet. A quick Internet search informed me that when irises germinate (not the same as the tubers spreading) they don't necessarily bloom the same color as the parent plant. And since I obtained this information on the Internet it certainly must be true.

My irises are truly my prize garden flower. They are happy-looking and when I give a bouquet to others it brightens their day. I can't get enough of them and wish they would bloom all year long. They smell fantastic and make excellent cut flowers. I received the yellow tubers from some friends down in Palouse who I think of each year when they bloom. I purchased two mauve irises from a gentlemen at a yard sale a few years ago. For a couple bucks I added more color for the yard. 

I also purchased a lilac start from that same yard sale gentleman. I wasn't sure if it would take or survive it's first winter but it did. I live in the Lilac City, I need to have a lilac shrub. 

No one likes wasps, but they are intriguing little creatures nonetheless (annoying animals are smart animals right?). The peonies, from my sister, haven't opened yet, but the buds are leaking some sort of nectar or dew and the wasps enjoy lapping it up. I got lucky with this mid-flight shot and managed to avoid any kind of angry hornet effect. 

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