Thursday, December 31, 2015

Goodbye 2015

I am ready to say goodbye to 2015. It's been a rather challenging and depressing year, especially the second half. We said goodbye to our dog, my grandma developed severe dementia, and I had shoulder surgery. Then there's the plethora of other life annoyances like busted pipes, broken sprinklers, and boat repairs. The tough moments tend to dim the positive things we did like horseback riding, water parks, hosting our Japanese exchange student, and enrolling at the community college. I am looking forward to having a fresh start in 2016 with things returning to normal and making new lasting memories.

The above photograph I took with my iPhone, with minor app editing, near River Front Park along the beautiful Spokane Falls. It was snowing (for about the fourth straight day!) and G was running along the trail chasing snowflakes. She was laughing childlike and simple and I ran ahead of her to snap a photo. It was truly a loving and memorable moment and I think my image successfully captures that. She turned seven the day before so I'm glad to have a photo that freezes the joy of her childhood before it's over. Plus, how many photos of kids does one have in a fancy dress while frolicking through the snow?! Right before this, we toured the historic Campbell House in Browne's Addition. I feel like this picture could also be a relic of nearly a century ago. Similar activities were probably how children at the turn of the last century enjoyed playtime. Lucky for me I had a modern gizmo to document this precious moment.

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