Friday, September 2, 2016

Flash Fiction Friday: At The Old Ball Game

Welcome, once again, to Flash Fiction Friday. Line by line, I have reverse translated the song Take Me Out To The Ball Game. For parents, it's not always peanuts and cracker jacks when taking children along. Enjoy.

Take Me Out To The Ball Game...

Jennifer E. Miller

Take me out to the ball game: “Take me! Take me! I never get to go anywhere.”

Take me out to the crowd: “I can’t believe we had to park so far away!...And there’s lines to get in; it’s going to take for-ev-er.”

Buy me some peanuts and cracker jacks: “Finally I can sit down. I'm sooo hungry I’m going to starve! And don't buy peanuts, I'm allergic; I want cotton candy.”

I don't care if I ever get back...without my kid who is driving me crazy.

Cause it’s root root root for the home team; if they don’t win it’s a shame: “Which team to we want to win?...The ones in the white jerseys? That’s a boring color, I’m going to cheer for the team with the colorful jerseys.”

For it’s 1! 2! 3! strikes you’re out: “Good, it's over. I was getting bored…Bottom of the first inning? What does that mean?...I have to sit here through inning nine?! How long is that going to take?...Three hours?!...Why did you bring me?”

At the old ball game!

Copyrighted 2016 by Jennifer E. Miller

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