Friday, June 16, 2017

What Is Love?

Image credit: Pixabay, ErickaWittlieb CC0 Public Domain Creative Commons Use

What Is Love?

Jennifer E. Miller

What is love? It's an age-old question, without a conclusive answer, because the word 'love' has multiple interpretations. And is it possible to see love, rather than only feel it?

Once in a while I see a little old couple walking in our neighborhood. The man is slender and tallish, wears khaki slacks with a short sleeved button down shirt, and sports a baseball cap. The woman is slightly hunched, generally wears thicker clothing pieces, like a sweater, and uses a cane. When I am out in the yard they wave and say "hello" or "isn't the weather lovely today" and other phrases generally exchanged with strangers. They sound like a completely normal elderly couple. Except, they are smiling and holding hands every time I see them.

Old couples holding hands makes me coo "ahhhh!" like in response to a photo of a kitten pawing at a dandelion. I don't always see older couples showing affection in public. Perhaps, they feel they have outgrown the need; their years in youth long passed. 

But not for this couple. By holding hands, they are holding onto their youth. Perhaps he is showing off this beautiful woman, who he once thought was out of his league. Making he is making a statement to the world that she is taken.

I could have it all wrong. They could be a widow/widower, and have recently begun a new relationship. The hand holding may be a sign of their "young love."

Whatever the case may be, it doesn't matter, I suppose. By the smiles on their faces and the joining of their hands, they must be madly in love and proud of it. Each time I notice this couple, I pause and think to myself, that is love.

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