Wednesday, September 30, 2015


Egelloc is College spelled backwards. I enrolled at Spokane Community College for the fall 2015 quarter, I suppose I'm going about this all backwards. Most high school graduates go on immediately to college but not me. I don't care to delve into the reasons at the moment but bottom line, I didn't. Now I've changed my mind a bit and would like some experience in college.

I'd like to improve my writing skills (and/or see how they stack up) and have contemplated enrolling in a class before but I just couldn't find the gumption and courage to do it. Everything appeared so complicated: the application process, registering for classes, schedule coordination. When G started Kindergarten last year I gave it more thought, but I was into CrossFit and was devoting my time to that. Then my shoulder continued to worsen and to be perfectly honest, weightlifting isn't exciting anymore since I can't do it. Life became a bit too simple. I was becoming bored at home and there's only so many iPhone games and social media surfing one can handle. A small series of events happened over the spring and summer as well which really got my drive going for school.

The mail flyers. The Community Colleges of Spokane probably send them out to all households, and we've received many over the years, but the last one said, "Enroll now. What are you waiting for?" I asked myself that. I was feeling the need for mind stimulation and may have found the answer to it.

Then my dad had asked me if I ever thought about going back to school to earn my degree. I didn't know about a degree per se, but taking a course or two here and there would be enriching.

Another day after working out at the gym, I made a trip to the public library to check on the status of a book I placed on hold. As I entered the parking lot, I saw Mrs. C my high school Humanities/English teacher. My heart jumped, I was so excited! I crookedly steered into the next available parking space which happened to be quite a ways down the lot. While still hot and sweaty (and tired) from my workout, I hopped out of my car and booked it in Mrs. C's direction dodging other patrons and vehicles yelling, "Mrs. C! Mrs. C!" Huffing and puffing, I reached her just in time as she was entering her car. (All that CrossFit training came in handy at that moment!) It was so exciting to see her again. She didn't remember my name initially but remembered my face and that I was "so creative!" I was incredibly touched by this comment. I remember being quite challenged to satisfy Mrs. C's criteria for writing and whatnot. Maybe what she was trying to push me to dig deeper with my skills. As a know-it-all teenager, though, I wouldn't have caught on to this. Her compliment was what I needed to latch onto my wish to enroll at SCC and take some writing courses.

Nervously, I made the initial phone call the college asking how to get started. I needed to complete an application, take a placement exam (as it'd been so long since high school), and finally register. I asked what to expect about tuition and cost of books. I had second thoughts after figuring the cost as I had to take a prerequisite course before taking Creative Writing. It seemed like a lot of money just to take a class. Then I found a Certificate of Achievement in English Studies offered by the English Department. It sounded challenging and gave me something to strive for. I was elated to sign myself up for English 101 for fall quarter.

I found college life to be an adjustment as most people do I assume. I was nervous that first week. I was unsure of myself and questioning my intellectual abilities. I was thankful for the weekend and the chance to unwind. It was ValleyFest weekend, which is one of my favorite times of the year. I discovered that the effort of studying allowed me to unwind more easily and enjoy free time. I ran a 5K race, took G to ValleyFest activities, and we even, unexpectedly, got the chance to ride in a tethered hot air balloon. I felt free, unstoppable, and fortunate. I was renewed when Monday came along and much more relaxed with the school environment.

It's as though like I'm on a new daring endeavor: Exciting yet out of my comfort zone, unsure of the expectations or outcome. Similar to the unexpected hot air balloon ride, I'm going to embrace the challenge of academics and let it heighten the attributes of my mind.

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