Friday, July 22, 2016

Flash Fiction Friday: Home Economic Problems

Flash Fiction is a very short story. I'm trying to stay more consistent with writing, so my current plan is to post a Flash Fiction (or it may end up as a Flash Non-Fiction) piece each Friday. If I miss one, feel free to hold me accountable. I welcome feedback.

Home Economic Problems
Jennifer E Miller

It’s the afternoon and I want coffee. The pot has long turned itself off so I choose to zap a leftover mug-full in the microwave as my husband heads downstairs to exercise. I hear the TV switch on, the beeps of the treadmill, and finally his feet striking the belt in even strides. Sitting down on the couch, I put my feet up and place my coffee on the end table beside me with the intention of enjoying some time to myself. I begin the mindless task of checking email by way of my smartphone, when the cat climbs onto me. Between responding to emails and giving the feline attention, I forget about my coffee. When I remember, it’s cold. I now have a Home Economic Predicament: how to obtain hot coffee.

Plan A has obviously been foiled. Plan A is asking the husband to heat it up for me. But he’s downstairs and won’t hear my calls for help over the TV and treadmill noise. I can’t text or call because his cellular phone is MIA.

Plan B is me getting off the couch to do it myself. Plan B has no merit because the cat has made herself comfortable by curling up on my legs. Who am I to disturb her?

The unfortunate solution to obtain my caffeine is to sip it as is, cold. An awful way to honor coffee.

I struggle with guilt over my present situation because a good coffee connoisseur would never let this happen. A good coffee connoisseur would remember to drink it while hot. Actually, a good coffee connoisseur would drink the entire pot while it’s fresh. Or a good coffee connoisseur would go out and give business to the local coffee stands. Even further, a good coffee connoisseur would grow her own beans and sell a unique coffee variety at the local farmers market. That means the good coffee connoisseur needs a warmer climate which requires moving. This big decision requires careful consideration from the good coffee connoisseur…over more coffee, of course. Drat! Now I’m back to where I started!

The cat continues purring on my lap. Perhaps it’s time for Plan C: wait for Plan A to come upstairs.

Darn home economic problems!

Copyrighted 2016 by Jennifer E. Miller

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