Monday, July 25, 2016

Right vs Left: Political Candidates Explained

Right vs. Left: Political Candidates Explained*

Jennifer Miller

The media is inundated with reasons encouraging me to vote-in certain candidates; I don't need to mention names. My social media news feeds are flooded with various articles and opinions in favor of such-and-such politician. The election candidates plaster newspapers, mail flyers, advertisements, billboards, magazines, T-shirts, and yard signs. Why can't it be banished and we all quietly read our voter's pamphlet a few days before the election? Oh yeah, it's 2016; the year of utter madness and chaos.

This year is quite divided, politically speaking. You're either voting Republican or Democrat. If you don't consider yourself on any one side, you will most likely try to outvote your lesser-favored candidate. But just for the sheer fun of it, I'm going to break things down in a short, easy to understand fashion.

Republicans are traditionally considered right-wing, while Democrats swing left. What exactly do right and left mean, besides direction? According to Right comes from riht, an Old English word meaning "just, good, fair, and proper." Left is rooted to the Old English version lyft, meaning "weak, idle, and foolish." This is immensely helpful in making the current politics straightforward. If you want a "good, fair, and proper" leader, vote Republican. If you favor someone "weak, idle, and foolish," there's a Democrat for that.

Going even further, the Republican's mascot is an elephant which is considered a highly intelligent animal and can even comprehend compassion and cooperation. In contrast, the Democrat's mascot is a donkey, also known as an ass. They certainly didn't think their mascot selection through, did they? Therefore, they most likely won't properly think matters through in office either.

There you have it. You can vote for what is proper and smart, or you can vote for a foolish ass. 

*This was written for entertainment purposes. If you can't get a laugh out of it, consider lightening up.

Copyrighted 2016 by Jennifer E. Miller

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