Sunday, August 7, 2016

Overnight In Paradise

Sunset at Quinn's Hot Springs, Paradise MT 08/05/16

This year was our 15th wedding anniversary. Like everyone says, time flies and it's hard to believe I've put up with T for that many years (ha ha ha). He surprised me with an overnight getaway to Quinn's Hot Springs Resort in Paradise, Montana.

I must back up a little to about a week before our departure when I sprained my calf. (It was evaluated by two different doctors to rule out other ailments.) I have no idea how it happened. Not knowing is irritating because I don't know how to prevent it again. Away we went to Montana, me hobbling along on my leg. The drive was only about two and a half hours from home, and anyone who has driven the stretch of I-90 through north Idaho into western Montana knows the beauty it holds.

Quinn's Hot Springs straddles MT HWY 135 in an area nestled between the mountains. The resort, lodge, restaurant, and hot springs are on the east side with cabins along the Clark Fork River on the west. We stayed in one of the cabins facing the river. What a treat! It was a luxurious cabin with a porch swing, fireplace, wine and snacks, and a fancy bathroom that occupied about a third of the cabin's square footage. We enjoyed relaxing on the swing and watching the river flow, which may sound boring, but we watched an eagle glide directly in front of us over the water. We could see his eyeballs, he was so close! An osprey soon followed suit. Once in a while a fish leaped out, leaving behind a ring of ripples. Berry bushes buffered the cabin from the river and bunnies frequently hopped out to grab a bite to eat. We enjoy wildlife and hoped more species would wander through the area, but these summed it up. It's okay, we'll take it!

Next was to check out these mineral hot springs. A cluster of pools with various temperatures contain the pumped-in mineral hot spring water. The temperatures change multiple times per day, but generally are about 106, 104, 102, 100, 95, 72 degrees Fahrenheit. They contained silica, sulfate, sulfur, calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium, and iron. Each one has it's own therapeutic benefit and felt quite soothing on my sore leg. Something we noticed about the hot springs pools versus a chlorine swimming pool, is that people moved slower at a peaceful, easy pace; even the children and teenagers! There must be something to this mineral bathing business after all.

We took a break to eat dinner at the resort's restaurant and hopped back in the pools afterwards. That's when the storm arrived. Per policy, guests have to evacuate when there's visible lightening. Once it ceases for fifteen minutes we can return. While we waiting for the storm to pass I snapped the above photo with my phone. Lightening brings empty pools, but beautiful Montana sunsets!

I loved the surprise getaway in Paradise. Planning even a small trip on his own is not typical of T, and I appreciate he went out of his way for us. It was relaxing and nice to get out of town. Here's to 15 years and counting.

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