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Adventures in Girl Scout Cookies Sales

Adventures in Girl Scout Cookies Sales

Jennifer E. Miller

It’s that time of year again. That wonderful time of the year that brings cheer and joy and smiling happy faces. That’s right; it’s GIRL SCOUT COOKIE SEASON! Customers are excited to receive their cookies and are giddy when a cute little Girl Scout explains all the yummy flavors. Everyone has their favorites. People everywhere love Girl Scout cookies. Personally, I enjoy the funny quirks about the customers.

One of the first customers we delivered to, were friends that live nearby. The wife placed the original order. We happened to have the cookies in the car and noticed their garage door open, so we stopped. He teased us that his wife placed the order, yet left him to foot the bill. G handed him a box of Trefoils and a box of Thin Mints and informed him of the total amount due. “What?! No Samoas!” he exclaimed. “I need a box of those, please.” (Notice the “need” part, rather than a want.) The customer was happy, and she got an extra sale.

G sold to a couple businesses, one of which was her doctor’s office. For her delivery, I thought ahead and took extra cookies; it always seems that people want more. The personnel who share the opposite side of the office quickly saw her carrying Girl Scout cookies. Like vultures, waiting to devour prey, they swarmed the cute little Girl Scout. Multiple hands reached in the box, removing the bits of flesh from the carcass—I mean the boxes of cookies form the cardboard case. Waiting in line were the scavengers, a pair of patients waiting to get their hands on the leftovers.

The next business for deliveries was another office building. She sold quite a few at this location. We sorted the boxes at the front of the office, going down each line on the order form. One by one, people gathered around. Sneaking up on us, we weren’t aware of their presence until we said their name and BAM! Like gulls, they snatched up boxes crooning “Mine! Mine! Mine!” The clamor attracted other individuals who wanted a bite from her cookie stock, too. More boxes disappeared.

Over the weekend she tried the door-to-door method. She pulled her red plastic wagon containing her cookie boxes. Every home who answered the door bought from her. One said her timing was impeccable because his wife was not there to tell him he couldn’t buy cookies. Next house the lady heard the wagon, which was rather noisy, coming up her driveway. She popped out of her front door, money in hand, exclaiming, “Are you here to sell me Girl Scout cookies?!” People can be quite enthusiastic about Girl Scout cookies.

Later, the same day, she participated in cookie booth sales. G and another Girl Scout set up a table in front of grocery store and entice customers to purchase. I noticed this last year, too, but it is painful for men to say no. The girls ask as they exited the store: “Would you like to buy some Girl Scout cookies?” The man would look at their neatly arranged table of cookie boxes and long to take one home. They would slow the cart, and one could see their legs aching, ready to buckle with sorrow, as he’d admit: “I’m sorry. My wife already purchase some. I’m not allowed to bring anymore home.” He would continue mumbling “sorry, so sorry,” as the grocery cart squeaked across the parking lot.

Other times, the girls approach customers about cookies and they would come to the table, listen to them talk about all the wonderful flavors, price per box, etc. etc. Even if the person didn’t seem too interested in the cookies, they saw the hard work the girls put in trying and would purchase a box. Little do they know; this is how it works. Unsuspecting customers buy a box of Thin Mints or Samoas, thinking I’ll just buy one box to show my support. Then they arrive home. They open the box by lifting the glued flap on the top. Sliding the tray out, they open the crinkling cellophane wrapper. After reaching in to grab the first cookie, they crunch into it. It’s a delicious cookie. A crazy delicious, tantalizing their taste buds, cookie. In a few short minutes, there are no more cookies for fingers to grab onto. A crisis ensues, causing the person to jump back into their vehicle and return to the store where the Girl Scouts are more than happy to sell him a case of their new favorite flavor.

Ahhhhh. Girl Scout cookie season!

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