Friday, March 31, 2017

Unusual, Funny, Interesting, and Wacky Things

Unusual Things
Jennifer E. Miller

This past week has been interesting. Enough so, that I have a few photos to share, and I haven't done a picture-y blog entry in a while. To reiterate, I don't post many with faces and use initials in place of names to keep some privacy, as my blog is public.  

Photo 1: Flood

Heavy rains have elevated the Spokane River's water levels, causing flooding in areas. Wanting to show the river to G, I had this grand idea of taking Upriver Drive home earlier this week. I didn't think I had time to take her to Spokane Falls and be home in time for dinner; hence the Upriver Drive idea. Well, a few hundred feet along the road and we found it barricaded off due to flooding. We stopped to get out of the car and investigate the area before taking the detour.

In the photo above, a bench sits over what was the Centennial Trail. It floats in place, surrounded by a new tributary. (Supposedly, according to the the weather reports, the water is even receding.) We watched in awe as the mighty river, beyond the shrubbery, rushed with a force like a NASCAR race.

Photo 2: More Flooding

Continuing along Upriver Drive, the road ascended above the river. We were now looking down on it, rather than at level. I stopped the car again to appreciate the new vantage point. I spotted a sign with a fish, along with a warning underneath. I believe it reads "Warning! Sewage overflows during heavy rain/snowmelt." I giggled to myself, because there is obviously heavy rain/snow melt, therefore the sewage must be on its way downriver. Many people are hanging around on the bridges overlooking Spokane Falls and enjoying the spray from the rapids and plastering news sites and social media with their aquatic delight. Little do they know the spray contains sewage! The joke's on them! I am rather happy, now, that I thought of this alternate river expedition.

Photo 3: That Moment When Your Child Draws...

This was one of G's school assignments. It mostly speaks for itself. She drew a picture of her toys (right) spewn all over the floor and her mom (me) yelling her name. She even drew me squinting as I'm "berating" her. I'm probably scolding her to put them all away. I think teachers do these assignments on purpose to secretly discover what the parents are actually like. And yet, we have no way to defend themselves against this sort of slander!  

Photo 4: The Tiniest Car

Okay okay. First off, I was stopped when I took this photo. Fine. Almost stopped. And the kiddo wasn't in the car with me. 

This is the tiniest vehicle I've ever seen. It appeared even smaller than a Smart Car. Coincidentally, it was driving behind a semi cab which gives you a sense of its inferior size. 

This thing appeared to possess the safety equivalent of an armored golf cart. All too easily can one contrive that if this car rear-ended the semi cab, it would fold up in a cartoon-style accordion. 

I tried to imagine what the interior was like. Was this car even a two-seater? If so, I'd guess the driver and passenger ride in tandem. What good is a car without a shotgun?! Even a golf cart has a shotgun. The term "back seat driver" takes on a whole new meaning here. 

Photo 5: Rainbows

Last, but not least, is the photo of the rainbows. Yes, plural. Look really close. 

With heavy rains, there must be a break in the clouds at some point. Lucky for us Mr. Sunshine pushed his way through the mob of grey clouds to show us his true colors.

That concludes my unusual/funny/interesting/wacky images for this week!

Copyright 2017 by Jennifer E. Miller

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