Friday, March 3, 2017

Quivers of Thought

Quivers of Thought

Jennifer E. Miller

If my oven cleans itself, why isn’t my house self-cleaning?

Flocks of dove come to my backyard feeder daily. Where is my bar soap?

Exercise is a luxury. Therefore, giving up exercise for lent would be an appropriate sacrifice.

If my car does not tally mileage while in reverse, does that mean I can drive backwards and never age?

It’s possible to identify someone’s age by their check number. If the check number is 102, they are a teenager with their first checking account. A check donning the number 15,493 is an elderly person who has written checks since the beginning of banking time.

I want to know what happened to the use of the cents sign; the letter C with a vertical line down the center. It used to be readily available on keyboards and has disappeared as mysteriously as the continent of Atlantis. There’s no cents sense, in using the dollar sign to signify fifty cents. $0.50 reads as half a dollar. Half a dollar is a $0.50 fifty cent piece. Hardly anyone passes around JFK anymore. The fifty cent piece is dead just like you know who. Two quarters is fifty cents. Resurrect the cent sign please, keyboard manufactures. 

Copyrighted 2017 Jennifer E. Miller

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