Thursday, March 19, 2015

Musical Memories

Munchkin and I visit Great-Grandma (that is not her in the photo, it was just the only snapshot I got that day) at her retirement community on Saturday, March 14th.  The Royal Lilac Court Princesses and Queen were visiting and, uh, G does NOT pass up a chance to mingle with princesses. I thought it started at 1 pm but was mistaken and it actually started at 2 pm. We had this hour to kill and luckily the retirement community was celebrating St. Patrick's Day with Irish jigs played by a live band and Irish step-dancers performed, too. 

You know how you hear a song and are instantly transported backwards in time to some random event that you correlate with that song? I saw that happen with 70, 80, and 90+ year olds. The band struck up "My Wild Irish Rose." There was simultaneous gasps and I could sense the flashbacks manifesting and swooning over the residents. They all sang along, including my Grandma. I wondered what memorable event(s) were triggered by this melody: A wedding, a dinner party, a school dance? Did they image the song as the band played it, or were they replaying the soft whisper of static penetrating from their parents' record player? I supposed it isn't necessary to be privy to those memories. The aura of what I witnessed touch me. Something so simple as a melody can jog the most joyful and possibly forgotten moments. I'm so thankful I made the mistake about the event time, otherwise, this experience would have only passed as a blip on life's timeline. 

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