Sunday, March 29, 2015

My CrossFit Open 15.5 Experience; The Finale

15.5, the final open WOD of the 2015 season.

For time, which means I have to complete everything in order to enter a score:
27 cal row
27 thrusters (Rx 65 lbs, scaled 45 lbs)
21 cal row
21 thrusters
15 cal row
15 thrusters
9 cal row
9 thrusters

Hey, did you know that thrusters spelled backwards is royal-pain-in-the-ass? Yep, that's exactly what it spells. And I own a 70 HP EvinRude so I don't need to mess with this rowing crap. However, I did willingly sign up for the Open so I'm damn well gonna finish this sucker!

As our women's class is preparing, Coach Salem is giving us general pointers and strategies. "...pace yourself [blah blah blah]....go right into full speed [blah blah blah]'re gonna die....[blah blah]" wait, WHAT?! I've known this woman awhile and this is the first time she's hinted the possibility of expiration. Now she's telling me the end of my earthly existence could go down via thrusters and rowing. Fan-freakin'-tastic!

We paired up and I was with dear, sweet Robin. She gets stuck with me who, if Universities offered degrees in the field of Smart-Assness, I'd hold a PhD. I supposed I'd have to get my Bachelor of Science first, you know, my B.S. degree. Muahahahaha. Okay, okay back to 15.5. At first glance, this WOD doesn't sound so bad, but anyone who knows anything about this sport is keenly aware that WODs are farrrrrr more than they appear. As Robin's partner, part of my job is score keeping and the other part is encouragement. I encouraged her to stretch her rowing effort because a mako shark is tailing her. Ha, maybe I nearly killed us all with my imaginary aquatic creature. Nah, it's shark's fault so I'm off the hook...pun intended. I did make Robin laugh a few times. I'm not sure if she actually thought I was funny or if she secretly wanted me to shut up. But she got the workout done along with everyone else. No casualties. Good. That's good since no one had time to write their eulogies.

Here I go in the second heat. Not gonna lie; I was nervous. Rowing and thrusters are both leg torture and I struggle with low body strength. I opted for the scaled version again but it was still SUPER hard. My legs felt on the verge of spontaneously combusting. I just wanted to get it done and over with. Robin did a great job keeping me focused and reminding me about minuscule things like breathing and that the mako shark was after me this time. I still had to set the barbell down several times even though I paced myself. I probably took the longest, or close to the longest, of anyone, but 14 minutes and 32 seconds later I finished and I survived! Here is some footage if you're interested:

So what did I learn? While this was most definitely a challenge and I knew I wasn't going to finish quickly, I concentrated on form and engaging my hips more in the thrusters. I need to work on my posture, too. I felt fairly strong on the rower. I also learned that I should take reflux medicine before starting 15.5. Climbing and descending stairs after this WOD is not wise. And under no circumstances allow your kid to convince you to dance to the Cha Cha Slide especially the part the goes "...Can you go down low? All the way to the floor...." Ugghhhhhhhhhhh!

Cheers and peace out from the 2015 CrossFit Open.

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