Wednesday, December 10, 2014

December Photo Challenge: Day 10; Wrapping Presents

Photo copyrighted by Jennifer Miller

Dec 10 Wrapping Presents

Whoever created this photo challenge is way ahead with their Christmas planning! I typically don't wrap presents this early. At the end of last season, I purchased separate wrapping for our gifts and Santa gifts, but hadn't figured out which is which quite yet. Using some old wrapping paper, we got to work on an actual present for Great-Grandma D. G picked out the colors and it turned out rather pretty. 

G really REALLY wanted to wrap a few presents of her own. Since I knew I had that extra paper waiting in the back of my closet, I gave her the rest of the old stuff along with smooshed bows and ribbon I don't use. She went to town wrapping small toys and other random items (there's already a few of these pretend presents in newspaper under our tree). I ordered specific lures for T from which arrived today. He knew about them already so these weren't a surprise. For kicks, G wrapped them up and presented them to him this evening. She looked so grown up, yet cute, doing this. I snapped a quick photo of her in action.

Photo copyrighted by Jennifer Miller

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