Tuesday, December 2, 2014

December Photo Challenge: Day 2, My Idea of "Cheer"

Dec 2, 2014 

Yes, I photographed my yoga mat. I had a hard time with a photo of "my idea of cheer" because, well, I'm not that cheerful around the holidays. There's pressure to do an enormous amount of tasks, projects, errands, not mentioned the seemingly endless gatherings. A family member suggested we start some sort of a family tradition for Christmas. No! I don't want to be tied to do the same thing each year. Why? Because if we decide to experience something else we still have to do our traditional thing because it's now our tradition! Well, now that you know "my idea of cheer" extends about as far as Scrooge, I will proceed with my yoga mat explanation.

I schedule yoga in one day each week. I like to stretch and unwind my mind and body after taxing workouts, particularly CrossFit ones. Monday, I PR'd (personal record) my deadlift at 160 lbs (yay! oooo there's some cheer!). Due to back-related issues, deadlifts always make my back sore even with proper form. Today is Tuesday, my usual yoga day, and I was looking forward to releasing my tight muscles. The thing about yoga, is that is soothing. Not just physically, but mentally as well. My mind is cleansed from my Scrooge-like attitude or whatever else happens to be troubling me. It's refreshing and powerful and I suggest anyone give it a try. It's difficult to explain, but I learn something new about myself every time I perform even the same yoga routine. When I focus on breathing and tuning into myself, I feel enlightened. And proverb 15:13a says "A happy heart makes the face cheerful."

That's my idea of cheer: yoga. Like I mentioned, try it! And keep with it. Repetition is necessary to get the most out of yoga practice. I enjoy material by Kristin McGee. If you're just starting, I suggest something for beginners so as to become familiar with the basic positions. Also, check out Comcast OnDemand, there is usually some free yoga episodes. 

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