Thursday, December 25, 2014

December Photo Challenge: Day 25; Christmas Morning

Photo copyrighted by Jennifer Miller

Dec 25: Christmas Morning

We opened presents like any family this morning, but, while this is not superbly composed, I wanted today's photo be our dog with his Christmas chewy. He is 13 years old and is showing his age more and more especially within the past 6 months. He takes joint supplements and arthritis medication but is continues to have difficulty getting around. It's not a dire situation yet, but, while we are certainly hoping not, we realize this could possibly be his last Christmas. Pooch gets his own stocking, too, which is normally filled with chewies or treats of holiday colors. This year he got red and green candy cane shaped ones hand-picked by G. He cannot wait to get his teeth on those! Most fellow pet owners agree, that their animals enjoy Christmas morning just as much as the rest of the household.

Speaking of dogs, the neighbors' dog barked throughout the entire morning. I have asked them before not to allow their animals to remain outdoors for extended periods of time due to this annoyance. Frustrating! 

I didn't intend to come across as Negative Nancy with this entry, but it is weighing on our minds and I felt the pooch deserved to be in the spotlight. 

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