Friday, December 5, 2014

December Photo Challenge: Day 5, "Green"

  Photo Copyrighted by Jennifer Miller
Dec 5 "Green"

I was lost for green things so I photographed something G drew up the other day on green paper: A map of Disney World. It's a little hard to see since she used a pencil, but she claims it's complete with an airport and rest areas. We have no immediate plans of traveling there, however, it's obviously becoming important to her. G's creativity brings us such joy. She's also taking art classes at our local Michael's craft store. Most of her artwork is more sophisticated than this map, but it's fun to see on any medium what is stored in that growing brain.

I asked G to tell me about Jump Rope for Heart yesterday. (Please refer to yesterday's entry about the tennis shoe fiasco.) She explained that she had a black rope with red handles and was really good at jump roping, but "the normal one-kind, not the two-kind that you do, mommy." She is referring to double unders which is where, upon a jump, the rope rotates twice under your feet rather than once. I'm not proficient at them but can do a few in a row on a good day. How thoughtful that she remembered one of my fitness skills. Then two of her classmates twirled the rope while she jumped; teamwork skills! They also watched an educational video and learned that our hearts pump blood throughout our bodies.

And if you put the two together, her heart is evidently set on Disney World!

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