Tuesday, December 23, 2014

December Photo Challenge: Day 23; Presents Under The Tree

Photo copyrighted by Jennifer Miller

Dec 23: Presents Under The Tree

I don't think there is much to write about here. Just about everyone has a few colorful boxes under a trimmed tree. The wee ones are glistening with anticipation of Santa's arrival in a couple days...at least mine is. 

The package wrapped in white tissue paper is a gift to Daddy made by G in school. I haven't a clue what it contains other than that it's "breakable." From a previous entry I mention the kiddo wrapping her own presents, of which a few she used newspaper. Can you spot one? 

When I look at all the presents I'm reminded of our old cat, who died a couple years ago. She loved Christmas morning and jumping in the crumbled up paper and discarded bows. We miss her terribly. A special paw-shaped ornament with her picture is hanging on the front of the tree so that she can 'watch' the action come Dec 25th. 

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