Thursday, December 4, 2014

December Photo Challenge: Day 4, Today's Temperature

photo copyrighted by Jennifer Miller

Dec 4th's challenge is "today's temperature." I have a DSLR (a.k.a. a real camera) to shoot the December Photo Challenge with, and I was determined not to simply upload a screenshot of my weather app's more than likely wrong prediction of mother nature. We own one of those handy weather stations, but, while functional, is quite boring in its raw self. Since snow was upon us this morning, I added a few props to make it interesting. The predicted temperature for today was 33 degrees, so at the precise time of the photo, you can see it is 0.4 degrees warmer. See! The weather people are always wrong! 

G wanted to wear a dress to school today. I relented with the condition that she throw on her fleece-lined tights and an undershirt. Boots were mandatory. The snow may be thin in the morning, but anyone who has endured the weather wrath of the Inland Northwest from year-to-year knows we could have anywhere from inches to being barricaded inside your home by noon. Off we go to school. After the teacher escorted them to class, I realized today is Jump Rope for Heart day. It's not normally a PE day and I had simply forgotten about it. However, the last time boots were mandatory in our household, it did happened to fall on a regular PE day (and also slipped my mind). G was upset I didn't send her with tennis shoes because she "couldn't run very fast!" Deciding that any wrath mother nature bombs on me is entirely more pleasant than that of my kindergartner, I returned back to school with the vital tennis shoes.

I look forward to hearing about her jump roping adventures after school. They have been practicing and she has been showing off at home, too. 

Jump Rope for Heart is a fund raiser and heart health awareness campaign for the American Heart Association. If you'd like to make a donation please use our personal link.

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