Monday, December 8, 2014

December Photo Challenge: Day 8; Stockings

Photo copyrighted by Jennifer Miller
 Dec 8: Stockings

This was taken in low light, manual function, and high ISO. Translation: A pain in the butt to get a nice quality image given the lighting conditions and camera position. Use a tripod, you may say. Well, in order to get this angle I had to lie on my back. Using the flash erases most creative elements. I am left with an interestingly composed snapshot of my otherwise ordinary mantel, but with a great deal of noise. Hmpf! I did feel brilliant arranging the Christmas tree reflection in the fireplace glass, however.

Stockings were, and still are, my favorite part of Christmas morning. As a child, a homemade-by-mom felt embellished stocking hung in anticipation of Santa's arrival. It had snowman and Rudolph on it. The sequins sparkled and twinkled in the glow of the Christmas tree lights. I enjoyed running my fingers over it and feeling the texture of the beads, thread, and soft cushioned felt. No wonder that stocking was mesmerizing. How could something so beautiful not hold magical little trinkets just waiting for me to pull them out. Naturally, I now have similarly styled one and another for G; both of which I stitched. T likes the store-bought Santa hat material kind and won't have anything else. The animals have homemade felt stockings to match mine and G's.

Many wonderful goodies can be stuffed into an oddly-shaped pocket of fabric and it's exciting to discover what lies within. Good gifts come in small packages...and belong in a stocking. Hee hee.

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