Monday, December 22, 2014

December Photo Challenge: Day 22; Red

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Dec 22: Red

I know what you're thinking: That's not something red. Well, George HW Bush was a Republican....LOOPHOLE! 

I've moved on to yet another book. Recently, I read an article in Parade magazine (the one from the newspaper) about George HW Bush and how he sky dived on his 90th birthday. It was essentially a piece advertising the biography written by his son, George W. Bush. At any rate, it was intriguing to me and I ordered a copy as a Christmas gift for someone. I should've ordered a copy of my own, but instead I just placed a hold at the local library. I was something like fifteenth on the wait list and was finally able to pick up a copy last week. 

The 1988 presidential election is the first one I can conscientiously remember. I was attending third grade and the school conducted it's own student presidential election. Our choices were the Republican Vice President George HW Bush or Democrat Michael Dukakis. I certainly didn't comprehend more than a smidgen of politics at the time, but the nation was soon to acquire a new leader and it seemed thrilling to an eight year old kid. To this day voting is still exciting to me. I make an effort to cast my ballot each and every time. I research and educate myself on candidates. Why not? Women fought hard to earn the right to vote, and it certainly isn't honoring those before me who sacrificed in order to give future generations that privilege.

In the first few chapters of 41: A Portrait Of My Father I learned that George HW Bush was shot down by enemy forces in WWII and was rescued by a submarine, one of his squadron comrades was from Spokane WA, and he had a daughter who died of childhood leukemia. He also serves as US Ambassador to China and ran the CIA. I've gotten as far in the novel to when he has just been elected president. It's an interesting part of history and gives readers a peek at who George HW Bush was personally, not only professionally. 

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