Saturday, December 13, 2014

December Photo Challenge: Day 13; Ornaments

Dec 13th's challenge photo was ornaments. This was fun! Our tree has a hodge-podge of ornaments which I'm proud to show off. I treasure all adorned on the branches as most have some sort of meaning behind them. At one time I tried to create the department-store look with color coordinated glass balls and glittery snowflakes. What I discovered was once we became parents of kitty-cats, most of them ended up in pieces in the trash after the tree so "innocently" toppled over. I still use the glittery snowflakes; they survived the cat rambunctiousness. 

When we travel, instead of grabbing some useless souvenir to clutter our house, we buy an ornament. It gets us talking and reminiscing about the trip. Other people have brought us ones from their travels as well. There's a couple from Paris and Peru. I also have many handmade pieces.

Photo copyrighted by Jennifer Miller

The wooden duck was colored by G today at our annual trek to Cabela's for Santa photos. We now have four ducks and it's sort-of a neat little tradition. The one to the left labeled "State Bird" is actually a wire crafted mosquito from a trip to Mississippi 2006. I bought it at Bass Pro Shops after we ate alligator with other family members. The Goose Egg was T's from his Aunt Mary. All the way at right is G from her second Christmas in 2010.

Photo copyrighted by Jennifer Miller

Pretty obvious where this one came from! Go to Mt. Rushmore is all I have to say. We went in June this year and yes, I am still talking about it. We had a blast and never ever ever got bored because there is a plethora of activities for all ages. It's easy to get around (although it's necessary to have a vehicle) and the area is full of history: American and Native American history, mammoth and dinosaur sites, and caves to name a few. This is Black Hills territory and it's absolutely beautiful. 

Photo copyrighted by Jennifer Miller

We brought this back from Prince Edward Island, Canada in 2005. I wanted to see the "Land of Anne" where the literary series Anne from Green Gables took place. It's a great vacation getaway, too, with many interesting sites and legendary ocean views. The locals are friendly and helpful and the seafood was heavenly.

Photo copyrighted by Jennifer Miller

Last photo. This one is particularly special to me. My great-grandparents immigrated to Spokane from Italy and founded their macaroni factory. Later my grandparents took over the family business. An employee made these angels from various shaped pastas. I feel fortunate to have one displayed at Christmastime. It reminds me of the delicious smell of drying pasta or that interesting hand-operated wooden elevator. I would travel back in time just to be inside that factory once again.

I hope you enjoyed the stories from the tips of a few tree branches today. Christmas is about making memories, but don't forget about the ones already made.

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