Sunday, December 7, 2014

December Photo Challenge Day 6 & 7: Favorite Meal of the Day & Baking Cookies

I cheated a little this time, and used previously taken photos. The challenge is getting harder to keep up with on a daily basis, but that's why it's a challenge. Nonetheless, I'll find photos to at least write about, and these two days' stories intertwine a bit.

Photo copyrighted by Jennifer Miller

Dec 6: Favorite Meal of the Day

I'd say my favorite meal of the day is breakfast because I loooooove coffee! I also enjoy a few quiet minutes to myself before the rest of my household rises and lets their hunger pains be known. On the particular day shown above, my cat tries to get a hold of my egg and avocado breakfast sandwich. She would not leave it alone so I let her nibble the leftover egg crumbs. She's such a weirdo, but we love her. (It's also an iPhone pic, which explains the graininess and sub-par quality.)

Dec 7: Baking Cookies

Confession: I haven't started baking yet. However, G and I did decorate some gingerbread people. She really enjoys this, and you already know she loves arts and crafts so this is right up her alley.  

 Photo copyrighted by Jennifer Miller

These are the completed four gingerbread people. I made the policeman one.

 Photo copyrighted by Jennifer Miller

And here is where the stories come together. I laid the gingerbreads on the kitchen table to set while I got G ready for bed. When I came back to the kitchen I found the cat licking the icing off my policeman and the tongue evidence is quite clear in my photograph! Not only does she want my breakfast, she helps herself to cookies, too! I manged to rescue the remaining gingerbread people and placed them in a sealed container for safety. Like I said, our cat is a lovable weirdo. In a way, the scenario reminds me of that fable, Hansel and Gretel; the candy house and decor are just too irresistible. 

 Photo copyrighted by Jennifer Miller

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