Sunday, December 14, 2014

December Photo Challenge: Day 14; Joy

Photo copyrighted by Jennifer Miller

Dec 14th's photo challenge was Joy; fitting since that's this week's advent. What is joy and how does one even photograph it? 

The youth at church put on a play about finding Christmas. They looked in the kitchen where a mother was baking cookies, they sought it in presents under the tree, they searched charities. As you may have guessed, Christmas was found by remembering Jesus. G was cast as an angel, and while she didn't have any lines, she got to be in the manger scene towards the end. Then they sang the song  "The Angels Sang" which is when I got the group photo. G (and all the kids) did great, despite being extra nervous. We could even hear her little voice amongst the singers. 

Back to what is joy. G wanted to sing in the Easter program last spring. She practiced the song and did well at rehearsals. On the day of, she got super anxious and didn't sing. She stood up there with her peers, but covered her eyes the whole time waiting for the torture of watchful eyeballs to be over. It was actually kinda cute. She was afraid that was going to happen again today, but it didn't. We are proud of her for facing her fear and partaking in the role she signed up for. She's grown and matured...and that's joy for any parent to observe.

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