Wednesday, December 3, 2014

December Photo Challenge Day 3: Candle

photo copyrighted by Jennifer Miller 

Dec 3 photo challenge is a candle. I reviewed the challenge list last night before heading to bed. When I saw the next day was candle I thought, "Crap, I shoulda snapped an iPhone pic of one while I was at Walmart." I'm not a candle person so I own maybe one or two and they aren't exactly photo-worthy. As I looked around, hoping to find one as an ornament or on another decoration, I remembered I'd recently finished a plastic canvas craft containing a candle! I waited until morning to get better light. I'm glad I did because I like the shadow I captured. It gives the photo a sense of mystery. Why are shadows so mysterious?  Essentially, it's the same object, just no light shining on it; a remnant of itself. Well, for today it simply makes for a neat picture.

In case you're wondering about the finished product, I included a snapshot below. It's a coaster set of Christmas Mice resting in their candle holder storage place.

photo copyrighted by Jennifer Miller 

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